I Have Discovered Obama’s Dirty Little Secret on the Unemployment Numbers

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi (Photo credit: KCIvey)

  I have Discovered how the Obama Administration has been keeping the Unemployment Numbers Artificially Low , Back when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid rammed through that Monstrosity called the Stimulus Bill they put a Amendment that made it were Unemployment Insurance would last for a 100 Weeks or so . I don’t remember the exact numbers but it was about Two years worth anyway.

I work for the Borough up here in Alaska and the state Union Rules only allow me to work 900 Hours a year so I get Laid off every Fall and get called back every spring and I can’t work anywhere else for the Borough in the Winter , IT SUCKS.

Well anyway instead of filing a new claim every year like I thought I was doing  I just found out I have been on the Same Claim since 2010 so instead of 3 claims over 3 years it has been 1 claim extended over the last 3 years .

Those sneaky little Bastards they are Evil Genius’s

English: President Barack Obama shakes hands w...

English: President Barack Obama shakes hands with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid after signing the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009. White House Photo, 3/30/09 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know you have all heard about California not Adding

their Unemployment Numbers last week.  So that on Top of no one

whom has refiled for unemployment insurance in the last three years

has gotten a New claim You could Triple the Unemployment Numbers

We could be talking about a Real Unemployment Rate of 24 % that is scary as Hell and that’s pretty scary.

Did you All here that Hilary Clinton went down to Lima ,Peru and from down there took responsibility for the Benghazi Rapes and Murder. She said the Buck stops with her . LOL….

Hilary Clinton took a shot at Barry Obama by saying that I love it  . She made Barrack Obama look even smaller then he already is .

Let the Back Stabbing Continue…

Keep Fighting  the Good Fight Light Warrior’s

The Planet needs all the help it can get right know.