The Black & Red Horsemen of the Apocalypse

These are the Criminals running the G.W.E.N Towers Array

These are the Criminals running the G.W.E.N Towers Array

A Day’s wage for a Loaf of Bread as he holds his Scales to make sure everything is Fair. Does that sound familiar ? How about Lets make the Rich pay their Fair share, but unless you are a brain washed Idiot which is OK because I try to keep my thoughts understandable to even a Sixth grader  I must be talking about Barrack Hussein Obama who else in the world would promote such Insane dribble. You my not believe it Hell I don’t want to believe the people of the United States of America are so corrupted to elect the Black Horseman of the Apocalypse but they did so what now ?

If you are a Patriot or Libertarian or a Real Conservative and have been paying attention your know the Socialist Media and Democrat party have destroyed the U.S. Constitution bit by bit since 1913 . Now Barry is really trying to get the Tea Party to start the upcoming Civil War nobody understands this more than me. Every Conservative Politician I have supported since 2004 have been Destroyed. Just in case you haven’t read any other of my Blogs here is the short list Dino Rossi , Sarah Palin , Herman Cain , Joe Miller and Rick Santorum any one of them could have changed the course of this Country at least I can honestly say You can’t blame me for the destruction of the U.S. but I still live technically in the the I care what is happening.  Alaska will be one of the first to evoke the 10th amendment hopefully if push comes to shove which will happen when the dollar collapses and that will happen when china stops taking the American dollar. As you may or may not know the U.S. Fed. is printing 85 Billion a month I really don’t think the Fed. can keep that up for long but nothing is real anymore. The Illuminati owns all the World banks and the Largest Corporations so who knows how much of China they run probably more than we think that’s why all the Corporations moved to China that and slave labor.

As for the Red Horseman of the Apocalypse ,He is the bringer of War. What country sells weapons around the world besides the United states ? That would be Russia and who runs Russia Vladimir Putin , He must be the Red Horseman some say china is the Red Horseman but China has stolen all the their weapon technology from Russia. Has everyone heard about China’s new Aircraft Carrier it is an Old Russian Aircraft carrier that was Retrofitted by the Chinese it looks like an old Chinese Junk LOL…it is not much of a threat but again its Russia that supplied the Weapons. Beware the Black and Red Horseman are getting on their Horses and have started to ride.


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