Al Qaeda on a Budget

These are the Criminals running the G.W.E.N Towers Array

These are the Criminals running the G.W.E.N Towers Array

Just when you thought it was safe to go Outside  AL-Qaeda strikes again at the Boston Marathon killing 3 people and Injuring 176 using a Fucking Pressure Cooker I guess now that Osama Bin Laden is Dead they cant afford Plane Tickets. On Thursday  the F.B.I. released pictures and Video of 2 Suspects it is really grainy pictures but they look Middle Eastern to me. I could be wrong but I bet they are all ready out of the country I will update this when we find out. Yesterday 2 Letters addressed To Barrack Hussein Obama and some Republican Senator and a Female Court Judge contained Ric-in they can’t even afford to buy Anthrax this time around. Today the Oklahoma City Cops found an Empty U-Haul van outside a Government Building and in West Texas a Fertilizer Plant blew up near Waco Texas it sounds like the Illuminati is just walking us down memory lane ,what the Hell is going on This really smells of a False Flag operation I am sure Al-Qaeda would have an original Idea on killing Americans. These attacks reek of the Illuminati those People are Fucking Idiots they have No creative Ideas of their Own they are only capable of stealing other peoples Ideas. The Illuminati are trying to disarm America by destroying our 2nd Amendment .As soon as they are able to get Our Guns the U.N. will send in Russian and Chinese soldiers masquerading as Peace Keepers and that’s when we get to find out what all those F.E.M.A. camps are for.
The left Wing Communist’s are really hoping this Boston Marathon attack is responsibility of a Right wing or Conservative Militia let me tell you now when the Right strikes back it will be because the U.S. government is actually going in to homes and confiscating our Home protection weapons. Plus it probably won’t happen until the Dollar collapses so all you fascists out there had better hope Barry does not crash the dollar.. Another thing when and If the Right Wing strikes back it wont be a mystery on whom did a stupid terrorist Attack it will be a civil War. Here is what the Right Wingers will do by the numbers. 1st thing Burn down every Left Wing Newspaper and T.V. station with the commie Reporters inside. 2nd Hang every slime bag commie college professor from the street lights. It will be a blood bath, So all you Left wing reporters and Bloggers out there if I were you I wouldn’t be in such a big hurry to destroy our country because all Socialist’s and Communist’s will lose and lose badly so if you really feel Frogie go ahead and Jump.


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