About the Light Warrior Dan Antonson

I was born a poor black child , But that was 6000 Years ago I have Evolved a little since then.

In this lifetime I was born a middle class toe head white boy in Seattle Washington back in August of 1963 my Father was a 1st Mate on a Tug boat and liked to drink and beat his wife which was my Mother She too was an Alcoholic and a Victim of her own bad judgement. I was the Oldest Son of my Dad but the middle child between my older half sister Teresa, she was 9 years older then I and my Brother Rod, whom was 18 months younger then I. I grew up in Suburbia in a 3 bedroom Rambler house . Everything seemed fine except for my parents drinking and fighting but I thought that was normal of course they Divorced it was the 70s and that was the norm back then everybody had been married 2 or 3 times.after the divorce my Mom got the house and promptly had to sell it before it was foreclosed on. So at the age of 10 my mother and the 3 of us kids joined the world of apartment living and what a joy it was . I think we averaged about 6 months an apartment before we had to move. My mother hated to pay bills or rent. The longest we stayed at any one place was 3 years but that was because we had a H.U.D. assistant’s we only payed $35 a month what a deal huh. Any way moving along I ended up going to 14 different schools I must know thousands of people just from school alone. My first Official job was as a Dishwasher when I was 13 minimum wage was $1.10 an hour and I have been working ever since. My first unofficial job was Baby sitting 2 kids when I was 10 years old I would make $30 for the whole weekend their Mama was looking for a new Daddy lol… I would work after school cleaning schools and during the Summer I would work on Youth Crews for the State and Parks and Recreation I always had money not a lot but enough for having Fun and I liked to have fun.

After I got my G.E.D. in 1980 I went down and Joined the Air force as soon as Ronald Reagan took the Oath of office. I had just watch Jimmy Carter destroy out country over the last 4 years and I thought I would do my part I spent 2 years in Germany at Ramstein Air.Base as a Jet engine Mechanic on J-79 Engines for the F-4 Phantom .Germany was great before the Berlin wall came down at least then we knew were the Communist’s were I Protected the People. I guess we did too good of a job all the Fucking Fascist Commies came over here and took over our Colleges and Brainwashed all the future Teachers and have now brainwashed all of our children that the Global State will take care of them. The State can’t even deliver the mail without going in to debt just Imagine what they will do to your healthcare. God had better show up soon or there is going to be a Blood bath. Since then I have been a Commercial Fisherman I gilneted with my Dad growing up and I also Long-lined for Black Cod and Halibut. I Fed the People. Then I was in the Restaurant business for about 12 Years as a Head Cook and Relief Manager ,I cooked for the People. After that I made Headstones and Did Cement and Final Inscription’s for almost 9 years , I Buried the People. In 2006 I moved up here to Alaska and built my own house with my wife. I have had a Great and Interesting life I awakened in Dec.of 2011 and have been writing ever since hopefully I have helped some people awaken them self’s. Read my Main blog the Light Warrior’s Report the Mothership at http://danantonson.wordpress.com and You Too will know the Rest of the Story.



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