Obama Just put Planned Parenthood Out of Business

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New "anti-abortion pill"

New “anti-abortion pill” (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

Dr Kermit Gosnell Baby-Killer

Dr Kermit Gosnell Baby-Killer

As you may have heard the F.D.A. has approved the Abortion Pill for Female Children as young as 15 years old today May 1, 2013. Now this has got to be bad News for Planned Parenthood and it’s government Funding after all I am sure they get paid for each Baby Fetus Killed my my what will they do now ? You know what’s funny is now that the Court system is deliberating on the Fate of a Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell right now as I write this. For 19 years the Health Department never Inspected Dr. Death’s women’s healthcare clinic in Philadelphia. There had been several complaints on the cleanliness of that clinical house of Horror’s. You may have heard some of the Gory details about how Dr. Death killed some of the 250 babies he is accused of killing. At least 8 babies had their Spinal Cords cut with scissors I am sure none of this would have seen the light of day if the government  did not know the F.D.A.was about to approve the Abortion Pill.


Barrack Hussein Obama and the Democrat party have effectively turned your Wife’s and Daughters in to Sluts and Baby-killers I know the U.S. Government now classifies Baby-Killing as women’s right‘s but over the years  these poor Stupid Baby-killing Women are either going to sink into a Deep depression or run for Political Office for the Democrat party. Either way having an abortion will effect them Psychologically for the rest of their life. I know this for a fact , my mother is now dead but back when Abortions were Illegal my mother tried going on Roller-coasters and Trampolines to purposely have a miscarriage . She finally had to have one of those back room coat-hanger Abortion. She felt guilty for the rest of her life. It just goes to show be careful what you ask for, You may just get it.

Just a side note I wonder where the Illuminati Reptilian Overlords are going to get their between Baby eating Fetal Snacks Now. I have heard the Illuminati have their own stable of mind controlled women to make babies for them to eat and Rape but it’s just a Rumor.