Obama Just put Planned Parenthood Out of Business

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New "anti-abortion pill"

New “anti-abortion pill” (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

Dr Kermit Gosnell Baby-Killer

Dr Kermit Gosnell Baby-Killer

As you may have heard the F.D.A. has approved the Abortion Pill for Female Children as young as 15 years old today May 1, 2013. Now this has got to be bad News for Planned Parenthood and it’s government Funding after all I am sure they get paid for each Baby Fetus Killed my my what will they do now ? You know what’s funny is now that the Court system is deliberating on the Fate of a Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell right now as I write this. For 19 years the Health Department never Inspected Dr. Death’s women’s healthcare clinic in Philadelphia. There had been several complaints on the cleanliness of that clinical house of Horror’s. You may have heard some of the Gory details about how Dr. Death killed some of the 250 babies he is accused of killing. At least 8 babies had their Spinal Cords cut with scissors I am sure none of this would have seen the light of day if the government  did not know the F.D.A.was about to approve the Abortion Pill.


Barrack Hussein Obama and the Democrat party have effectively turned your Wife’s and Daughters in to Sluts and Baby-killers I know the U.S. Government now classifies Baby-Killing as women’s right‘s but over the years  these poor Stupid Baby-killing Women are either going to sink into a Deep depression or run for Political Office for the Democrat party. Either way having an abortion will effect them Psychologically for the rest of their life. I know this for a fact , my mother is now dead but back when Abortions were Illegal my mother tried going on Roller-coasters and Trampolines to purposely have a miscarriage . She finally had to have one of those back room coat-hanger Abortion. She felt guilty for the rest of her life. It just goes to show be careful what you ask for, You may just get it.

Just a side note I wonder where the Illuminati Reptilian Overlords are going to get their between Baby eating Fetal Snacks Now. I have heard the Illuminati have their own stable of mind controlled women to make babies for them to eat and Rape but it’s just a Rumor.



Holy Crap Batman the Chechen’s are Attacking

As you have all heard by now the Boston Marathon Bombing Attack was caused by 2 young Chechen Terrorist. The older one was killed by police then his younger brother Ran his Ass over during his escape. After Thousands of Homeland Security searched a 20 block area of Bostons water-town going house to house. I wonder how many Meth labs the Cops found , We will probably  find out tomorrow how many Drug Raids they have during the day. The cops were only able to find him when a home owner reported blood smeared on their boat in their back yard. The younger terrorist had been shot by the Cops and blown up by his own bombs couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy . He is now in the Hospital under guard. But what really caught my eye was that in Oct. 2002 Chechen Guerrillas stormed a Moscow Theatre killing 129 Hostages. During the rescue attempt by Russian Stormtroopers 41 Chechen Rebels were also killed. That sounded a lot like the 2012 Aurora Theatre Attack in Colorado I wonder if the Joker who did the killing knows any Chechen’s.

chechen school attack

In Sept. 2004 Chechen Rebels killed 331 in a school in Beslan. That reminded me of the recent Sandy-hook Elementary School attack that killed 20 kids and 6 teachers . I am thinking there may be more to these Attacks then we are being lead to believe.

331 Children Murdered

331 Children Murdered

Then there is that Saudi Arabian that is being deported because of Terrorist Activity‘s related to the Boston Marathon Bombing. Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze is getting ready to blow this story out of the Water on Monday April 22, 2013 .Did you know Saudi Arabian Islamist Finance Chechen Rebels . I just thought i would mention that because I was not aware of that

I was wondering what are the common ties between the Aurora Theatre shooter , The Joker and the 19 year old Boston Marathon Bomber. They both were Collage Students I am not sure about the Sandyhook shooter or the Older 26 year old brother of the Boston Bomber.. All I know about the Sandyhook shooter is he was Autistic and he too went to a Community Collage since he was 12 years old because his Mother thought it would help him Improve his people skills. I still think the Sandyhook shooter was either Demon Possessed or Mind Controlled by the G.W.E.N.microwave Towers. But collage Professors could have turned him sympathetic to the Muslim Chechen cause. Then there is Dartmouth Collage that is Ben Affleck‘s old School

Ben Affleck at the 2008 World Series of Poker

Ben Affleck at the 2008 World Series of Poker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really think the F.B.I. should take a good look at all the Collage Professors of the Joker at Colorado University and Dartmouth Collage. I am starting to think Terrorist Leaders are really Collage Professors posing as free thinking Socialist. Just remember you heard it here 1st.

Something tells me I will be adding to this story very soon .

UPDATE  May 1st 2013

Guess What 3 more U-Mass Dartmouth College students were arrested today Surprise,Surprise

2 of the U-Mass Students were from Kazakhstan and one was an American but all were College students . Today on the O’Reilly Factor the alumni were circling the wagons it was funny watching Bill O,Reilly and a Boston Writer defending that Communist Outpost they call University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. I hear they all ready have at least One Terrorist Professor from the Weather Underground but I am more concerned with the Commie Professor’s we don’t know about. I have a feeling we are all going to find out the hard way just how many Terrorist Leaders we have posing as College Professor’s we really have in this country and around the world


Al Qaeda on a Budget

These are the Criminals running the G.W.E.N Towers Array

These are the Criminals running the G.W.E.N Towers Array

Just when you thought it was safe to go Outside  AL-Qaeda strikes again at the Boston Marathon killing 3 people and Injuring 176 using a Fucking Pressure Cooker I guess now that Osama Bin Laden is Dead they cant afford Plane Tickets. On Thursday  the F.B.I. released pictures and Video of 2 Suspects it is really grainy pictures but they look Middle Eastern to me. I could be wrong but I bet they are all ready out of the country I will update this when we find out. Yesterday 2 Letters addressed To Barrack Hussein Obama and some Republican Senator and a Female Court Judge contained Ric-in they can’t even afford to buy Anthrax this time around. Today the Oklahoma City Cops found an Empty U-Haul van outside a Government Building and in West Texas a Fertilizer Plant blew up near Waco Texas it sounds like the Illuminati is just walking us down memory lane ,what the Hell is going on This really smells of a False Flag operation I am sure Al-Qaeda would have an original Idea on killing Americans. These attacks reek of the Illuminati those People are Fucking Idiots they have No creative Ideas of their Own they are only capable of stealing other peoples Ideas. The Illuminati are trying to disarm America by destroying our 2nd Amendment .As soon as they are able to get Our Guns the U.N. will send in Russian and Chinese soldiers masquerading as Peace Keepers and that’s when we get to find out what all those F.E.M.A. camps are for.
The left Wing Communist’s are really hoping this Boston Marathon attack is responsibility of a Right wing or Conservative Militia let me tell you now when the Right strikes back it will be because the U.S. government is actually going in to homes and confiscating our Home protection weapons. Plus it probably won’t happen until the Dollar collapses so all you fascists out there had better hope Barry does not crash the dollar.. Another thing when and If the Right Wing strikes back it wont be a mystery on whom did a stupid terrorist Attack it will be a civil War. Here is what the Right Wingers will do by the numbers. 1st thing Burn down every Left Wing Newspaper and T.V. station with the commie Reporters inside. 2nd Hang every slime bag commie college professor from the street lights. It will be a blood bath, So all you Left wing reporters and Bloggers out there if I were you I wouldn’t be in such a big hurry to destroy our country because all Socialist’s and Communist’s will lose and lose badly so if you really feel Frogie go ahead and Jump.

The Black & Red Horsemen of the Apocalypse

These are the Criminals running the G.W.E.N Towers Array

These are the Criminals running the G.W.E.N Towers Array

A Day’s wage for a Loaf of Bread as he holds his Scales to make sure everything is Fair. Does that sound familiar ? How about Lets make the Rich pay their Fair share, but unless you are a brain washed Idiot which is OK because I try to keep my thoughts understandable to even a Sixth grader  I must be talking about Barrack Hussein Obama who else in the world would promote such Insane dribble. You my not believe it Hell I don’t want to believe the people of the United States of America are so corrupted to elect the Black Horseman of the Apocalypse but they did so what now ?

If you are a Patriot or Libertarian or a Real Conservative and have been paying attention your know the Socialist Media and Democrat party have destroyed the U.S. Constitution bit by bit since 1913 . Now Barry is really trying to get the Tea Party to start the upcoming Civil War nobody understands this more than me. Every Conservative Politician I have supported since 2004 have been Destroyed. Just in case you haven’t read any other of my Blogs here is the short list Dino Rossi , Sarah Palin , Herman Cain , Joe Miller and Rick Santorum any one of them could have changed the course of this Country at least I can honestly say You can’t blame me for the destruction of the U.S. but I still live technically in the the U.S.so I care what is happening.  Alaska will be one of the first to evoke the 10th amendment hopefully if push comes to shove which will happen when the dollar collapses and that will happen when china stops taking the American dollar. As you may or may not know the U.S. Fed. is printing 85 Billion a month I really don’t think the Fed. can keep that up for long but nothing is real anymore. The Illuminati owns all the World banks and the Largest Corporations so who knows how much of China they run probably more than we think that’s why all the Corporations moved to China that and slave labor.

As for the Red Horseman of the Apocalypse ,He is the bringer of War. What country sells weapons around the world besides the United states ? That would be Russia and who runs Russia Vladimir Putin , He must be the Red Horseman some say china is the Red Horseman but China has stolen all the their weapon technology from Russia. Has everyone heard about China’s new Aircraft Carrier it is an Old Russian Aircraft carrier that was Retrofitted by the Chinese it looks like an old Chinese Junk LOL…it is not much of a threat but again its Russia that supplied the Weapons. Beware the Black and Red Horseman are getting on their Horses and have started to ride.

Another Slaughter of the Innocent’s or Mind Control

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Governor Jesse Ventura

Governor Jesse Ventura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is almost unbelievable  that Two Mass Murders of Children happened on the Same Day 1/2 a World apart. First there was a Crazy Chinese man who sliced up 20 Children at an Elementary School with a Meat Cleaver. Then almost at the same time 20 Children  and 7 Adults are Murdered in Connecticut . That was one busy Demon .  I suppose Demon’s could work together King Solomon did use Demon’s to build the 1st Temple to house the Lost Ark.  But I don’t think so

I just watched the Newest Episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory T.V. show on TruTV and it was all about George H.W. Bush‘s C.I.A. Run Mind Control . The C.I.A. is using an old Cold War Nation Wide Antenna Array called the G.W.E.N. Towers  It was supposed to be for communication’s after a Nuclear War with Russia  . Now they use it to shoot Microwaves into people’s brain’s causing great Pain and impelling these people do hear and do things they would never do on their own . Since I am talking about Jessie Ventura‘s Show I noticed his show was Sponsored by Monsanto No wonder they wont show 2 of  The Conspiracy Theory  shows on the T.S.A and I’m not sure what the other show was.

I first heard about this on David Icke‘s the Biggest secret  so I was aware this was going on but I didn’t know how they were doing it now we know.  There is an  organization keeping Track of the  T. I.s  or Targeted Individuals I think they said there are 500,000 people who show the symptoms of the G.W.E.N. Towers Antenna Array.

If you are one of these people here are a couple of suggestions that can help. If Possible put on a metal Roof on your house. If you can’t do that you can use Rechargeable Batteries to block the Signal . I noticed when I Listen to an A.M. Radio can pick up E.M.F. frequencies . Those Batteries put out a really loud sound you can here with a little A.M. Radio when you get close to the Charger try putting on of those Battery Chargers next to your bed to help block the signals when you sleep at night it might help.

Light Warrior’s Report 11/1/2012

Entrance to Hell

From the Cradle to Enslave

From the Cradle to Enslave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The battle of Gettysburg, Pa. July 3d. 1863, d...

The battle of Gettysburg, Pa. July 3d. 1863, depicting the Battle of Gettysburg, fought July 1—3, 1863. The battle was part of the American Civil War and was won by the North. Hand-colored lithograph by Currier and Ives. Español: Batalla de Gettysburg Magyar: A gettysburgi csata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drug Enforcement Administration special agents

Drug Enforcement Administration special agents (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wisconsin District Court Say’s it Ok for the D.E.A. to install Spy Cameras  on Your Personal Rural Properties . I hope it’s still O.K. to Shoot Trespassers on your Own Land .

It is clear the U.S government and the Filthy Piece of Shit Lawyers and Judges is trying  to Start a Civil War . I really don’t know how they are planning to Enslave us when they come after me I will bring Hell down upon any Fucking Federal Agent that steps upon my Property I know they will Have To Kill me but I will take at least 15 of them with me . I am so sick of these Fucking Cowards Lets Light this Match come and get me you Motherfuckers . Let’s do this thing .


Because of Super Storm Sandy Gas Lines are Miles Long . People have been waiting for Hours then Run out of Gas before they get to the Pump and it has only been 2 days . I wonder what will happen after about 5 to 10 days I am betting People will be Eating each other . Reports of Looting by Teenage Wolf Packs in the Blacked out Section of ManHattan have been reported by Police . The Kids are saying they are just getting theirs. It looks like we will all be getting what we deserve SOON. God and King Jesus help us We just can’t Rule ourselves.