Another Slaughter of the Innocent’s or Mind Control

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Governor Jesse Ventura

Governor Jesse Ventura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is almost unbelievable  that Two Mass Murders of Children happened on the Same Day 1/2 a World apart. First there was a Crazy Chinese man who sliced up 20 Children at an Elementary School with a Meat Cleaver. Then almost at the same time 20 Children  and 7 Adults are Murdered in Connecticut . That was one busy Demon .  I suppose Demon’s could work together King Solomon did use Demon’s to build the 1st Temple to house the Lost Ark.  But I don’t think so

I just watched the Newest Episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory T.V. show on TruTV and it was all about George H.W. Bush‘s C.I.A. Run Mind Control . The C.I.A. is using an old Cold War Nation Wide Antenna Array called the G.W.E.N. Towers  It was supposed to be for communication’s after a Nuclear War with Russia  . Now they use it to shoot Microwaves into people’s brain’s causing great Pain and impelling these people do hear and do things they would never do on their own . Since I am talking about Jessie Ventura‘s Show I noticed his show was Sponsored by Monsanto No wonder they wont show 2 of  The Conspiracy Theory  shows on the T.S.A and I’m not sure what the other show was.

I first heard about this on David Icke‘s the Biggest secret  so I was aware this was going on but I didn’t know how they were doing it now we know.  There is an  organization keeping Track of the  T. I.s  or Targeted Individuals I think they said there are 500,000 people who show the symptoms of the G.W.E.N. Towers Antenna Array.

If you are one of these people here are a couple of suggestions that can help. If Possible put on a metal Roof on your house. If you can’t do that you can use Rechargeable Batteries to block the Signal . I noticed when I Listen to an A.M. Radio can pick up E.M.F. frequencies . Those Batteries put out a really loud sound you can here with a little A.M. Radio when you get close to the Charger try putting on of those Battery Chargers next to your bed to help block the signals when you sleep at night it might help.


Monsanto has Poisoned our food supply FOREVER

English: TV Interviewers with anti BT Brinjal ...



A box of Cheerios breakfast cereal.

A box of Cheerios breakfast cereal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because of Monsanto’s wide spread use of G.M.O.s our Corn and Cotton crops are ruined for Years if not Forever. In India were Monsanto gave Hybrid Cotton Seeds to all the local Farmers Rashes and itching  have driven many Farmers to Kill themselves by drinking Round Up weed killer hoping their Death‘s will bring attention to the wide spread poisoning of their Cotton crops by the Monsanto corporation.

That is when I realized all of my wife’s Rashes and my own itching on my Elbows is from our own G.M.O hybrid Corn crops. That Crap Corn is in everything from Cheerios to every manufactured box food on the Store shelves. Those Pricks who make the decisions on the C.E.O board of directors must be made to eat their own Corn  Products and where cloths made from Indian Cotton not that that will help they should be hung from the street lights , but that will happen soon enough.

Hopefully Congress and the Senate will get sick and go crazy first , Opps to Late.

So if anybody reads this  Do you have to go to the bathroom after you eat and rashes start breaking out for no reason now you will know why

Update 11 / 26/ 2012

Holy Crap It only took Monsanto less then 24 hours to start burning all the Evidence over in Bangladesh, India in less than 24 hours 2 Clothing Factories  burned down killing Several people  and Burning all the G.M.O. cotton. I just heard most of those Clothes were heading to Walmart , Attention Walmart shoppers Beware.

Update 11/27/2012

Total number of Dead at the Bangladesh Garment Factories is 110 People dead . Three Demons were arrested for Chaining the doors Killing those 112 factory workers I will be watching this story .